Buying tech gifts for women is not an intuitive choice. Besides the obviously iPhone and tablets, when it comes to technology, the general misconception is that it is an arena for men. But truth be told, women actually buy and use more technology products than men.

This Christmas, why not get the lovely women in your life some tech products that will enhance their lives?

Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones (Crystal)

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. And it doesn’t just adorn as jewelry. This eye candy headphone is the ultimate in fashion meets the ultimate in sound.



Everpurse Women’s Cross-Body Clutch Fabric

This eye-catching clutch is not her ordinary clutch. It’s an elegant charging station that keeps her phone charging without plugging it in. All she has to do is put her smart phone in a designated spot. Then, she can leave Everpurse on its charging mat overnight. By morning, it will be ready to charge her iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s/5c, or Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 up to two times over.



Trellie (Gold)- Wireless Call Alert

When a little phone is placed in the gigantic purse, it’s hard to hear it ringing, especially when she is walking in a crowded street. But she will never miss a call from you again with this wireless call alert. It visually notifies her of an incoming call to her phone through flashing LED lights. Trellie will continue to blink after a missed call.



Scottevest Women’s Vest

Designed with a twist on the classic, it’s fashion forward with a great cut, accent buttons, adjustable belt and the 18 pockets make it the most useful trench coat ever. She will be able to fit all her gadgets in there in case she doesn’t want to bring her purse out. Besides, every woman should have a timeless classic trench coat.



Pacsafe CitySafe™ 75 GII Anti-Theft Purse

This unassuming little purse is designed to block identity thieves from stealing her personal data and credit card info through RFID. But there’s more; it is also made from slash resistant material. This purse will protect her properties while keeping her phone, cards, camera, phone and even makeup neatly organized.



Comments? What do you think about these tech gifts for women? Tell us your experience? Do share!