Perfect Jewelry Gift For Your Wife—Other than the engagement ring and wedding ring, have you given any jewelry to your wife? You might think that jewelry is not useful, not practical and costly. You are totally right. However, you should try to understand the women psyche. Jewelry carries so much more meaning than a piece of decoration on her body. Perhaps it’s true that the media has brainwashed women too much. Regardless, Jewelry means love, commitment, timelessness, beauty, devotion and appreciation. Not many other gifts have that type of significance. A practical item will unlikely to mean so much—just try to imagine the meaning of a toaster or a juicer!

Sapphire and Diamond Anniversary RingsTo a guy, picking the perfect jewelry gift is daunting. But you could score so big when you get a piece that she loves forever. It really is worth your time and effort to get it right. In fact, it’s not such a big difference in buying audio equipment for your car—you do your research and plenty of homework, and then you select the best option based on your lifestyle and preference. Let me break it down to more digestible recommendations.

Preliminary Research—Her Jewelry Box

I am going out on a limb that you don’t memorize her jewelry. That’s not a problem. The closest thing you can do is to snoop around her jewelry box when she’s not looking. Pay attention to:

  • Which pieces of jewelry she wears the most?
  • What is her style? Does she like timeless classic? Modern? Edgy? Antique? Native American? Ethnic?
  • Is her jewelry mostly chunky or dainty?
  • Does she wear drop, hoop or stud earrings?
  • Does she wear silver tone or gold tone jewelry?
  • Is most of her jewelry gemstone, pearl or only metal?
  • Is her jewelry made of silver, gold, or base metal such as brass or copper? If it’s silver, it should be in silver tone with a “Sterling”, “.925” or “.999” stamp on it. If it’s gold, it should have a “10K”, “14K”, “18K” or “22K” on it. Occasionally, you might see “24K” “585” or “.999” (gold tone). It’s important get a sense of whether your lady only wears these precious metals since many people are allergic to brass or copper. You would not want to give her something she can’t wear.
  • If she wears a lot of silver, are those pieces high polished or oxidized? Oxidized silver is a look that some women like.

People’s taste is jewelry is highly individual. Instead of getting something that she does not have, the wiser thing to do is to get things that are similar to what she has, because her jewelry box is her taste speaking to you.

Sterling Silver Jewelry - Gold plated Another option is to get something that matches one of her standalone pieces. For example, if she has a ring that she wears all the time, you can get a necklace that would match the ring. You are unlikely to find an exact match, but you should be able to find something that she can wear together.

Get Educated Online and Set Budget

Armed with the information you gathered from the jewelry box, now it’s time to do more research online. At this point, online research is better than going to the mall immediately. Although you can talk to a human being and be able to touch the jewelry, you are likely to be pressured by the salesman, and you are not ready for that yet.

Right now, the important thing is get a sense of what you can get, from where and the range of prices. Be sure to look at online stores of different price levels. Go ahead and check out high-end stores such as Tiffany, Mikimoto and Cartier’s websites. Then check out Barney’s for edgier selections. Check more afford selections offered in Amazon, HSN and Kay’s Jewelers. You may even go to etsy to see independently created jewelry.

Silver Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Sterling Silver CZ Cultured Pearl Swirl Post EarringsThe purpose of looking around is to get ideas and get educated. If you are interested in getting diamond jewelry, then be sure to learn about the 4Cs. And if you would like to get pearl, be sure to learn about how to choose the right pearl. Finally, you should also read some customer reviews if they are available.

At the end of this process, you should have some ideas of what you want to get and how much you want to spend. You might even narrow down your options to a few.

Look offline

Green Amethyst Rings - 14k White Gold Cushion Cut Green Amethyst Ring with Diamonds 0.40 cts.If you prefer to buy offline, now you can go check out several stores locally. However, do not let anyone pressure you in buying anything that are you are ready for. With your online research, you already have some idea what you can get and the price range. Also, now you are educated enough to ask the right questions.

Also, if you are planning to buy a ring, you should bring a ring from her jewelry box so you know what size to get.

Make sure to go to reputable local jewelry stores only. Forget about those jewelry marts with basement bargain prices and TV ads circa 1982. It’s not to say they never have good stuff, but you would have to be extremely knowledgeable to dig up the gems. What I find is that if their TV ads are so old looking, their jewelry is likely to be outdated as well.

Ask For Help

If you are not comfortable with making the decision alone, then you are better off asking for advice. I know it’s against your nature to ask, but it’s a pretty good size investment and you want her to love it, don’t you?

If she has a close girlfriend or sister, then solicit their help. If you already narrow down to several pieces, then ask them to pick one that your wife is likely to love.

Take The Plunge

Three Stone Diamond Pendants - 14k Gold close set 3/4 cts. three stone pendant on 18 Congratulations! You have done your homework. You should be able to make the purchase without extreme trepidation. Be sure to look up the return and refund policy before you purpose. Also, save the receipt. If she doesn’t like it, don’t take it personally and get discouraged. She will appreciate your effort. You’ve done your best and you can try again next year. However, it’s likely she will love your jewelry gift. After all, knowledge is power, and you’ve equipped yourself to be successful.

Comments? Any suggestions about choosing the perfect jewelry gift for your wife? Tell us your experience? Do share!