• Things I Learned From Knitting: ...whether I wanted to or not

Things I Learned From Knitting: …whether I wanted to or not

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The Yarn Harlot strikes again! Best-selling knitting author and humorist Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is back with an irresistible collection of witty observations on how knitting and life wisdom are spun together.

In Things I Learned From Knitting (Whether I Wanted To or Not), Pearl Mc-Phee examines age-old aphorisms in light of knitting. From “Hope Springs Eternal” to “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” and “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together,” Pearl-McPhee casts a fresh, off-beat light on these sayings. Presented in quick, punchy takes, each entry in this book calls out to be read aloud and shared with anyone who enjoys playing with yarn and needles.

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“Pearl-McPhee had the crowd in – ahem – stitches.”

A front-page feature in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution covering Stephanie’s event stated, “ “It’s like our version of Woodstock,” Atlanta business owner Karen Jacobson observed wryly of the event.” Another quote reads, “ “It’s like when I saw the Beatles in 1964. Better, actually. This time I didn’t have to hitchhike to get there.” (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
“Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a master storyteller.” (Knitters Review)

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