• Lékué Cooking Mesh

Lékué Cooking Mesh


Innovative platinum-silicone cooking mesh manufactured in Catalonia, Spain, offers all the benefits of the most modern material: Resistance, flexibility, nonstick properties and easy cleaning. And it works simply: Open the mesh, put in the food, draw the string closed, submerge in boiling water to cook and remove when done. That’s it!

Blanch tomatoes, season soups, boil pasta and add flavors without blending the ingredients. You won’t need to use butter or oil, so you’ll eliminate unwanted calories. Withstands temperatures up to 428°F and is safe to use in microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher. Platinum silicone also has the added benefits of being water repellent and germ resistant.

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Product Description

  • Manufactuer: Lékué
  • Material: Platinum silicone. BPA-free
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 6½ lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.4″ x 7.8″ x 4.4″
  • Warranty: Lékué offers a 10 year warranty for manufacturer’s defects, and will replace any item with the same or similar item, if the item fails during use. Warranty not effective for commercial use
  • Manufactured in Spain. Assembled in China


  • Platinum silicone is flexible, durable, nonstick and easy to clean
  • Cook ingredients simultaneously or separately; use one pot and remove bags individually when done.
  • Enjoy foods without added butter or oils
  • Withstands temperatures up to 428°F
  • Safe for use in microwave, oven and freezer
  • Food safe and germ resistant

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