• Deco Breeze OWC1628 Elephant Pillar Holder

Deco Breeze OWC1628 Elephant Pillar Holder

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Pachyderm lovers rejoice! These majestic beasts have been captured in all their glory by our artisans, who’ve spared no detail to create a unique pillar candle holder that will be the star of any elephant-themed decor. These elephants, with their gracefully curved trunks and massive bodies, seem to march around the candle in a delightful procession. Anyone who craves a great piece to complement an elephant motif will go nuts over this one.

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Product Description

Our Elephant Pillar Holder reflects both the power and elegance of these regal creatures. Stylishly go wild by bringing these elephants on parade into your home, or presenting an elephant fan with a special gift that’s sure to be treasured.

  • Length: 6”.
  • Width: 6”.
  • Height: 4”.

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