The Christmas List app is my savior. If you are as scatterbrained as I am, you would be looking for a way to organize your Christmas gift shopping too.

Last year was a chaotic and stressful shopping experience for me as I scrambled to take inventory of Christmas gifts that I had already bought and gifts that I still had to buy while trying not to get too far out of my budget. I was dealing with handwritten notes, bookmarks on my browser and printouts from my computer. It was less than pleasant and I knew for sure that there must be an easier way to do it.

After some research and recommendations from friends, I found an app called The Christmas List by The name really says it all–it helps you keep your Christmas shopping list in order. Apparently it has been out for several years (I can’t believe I am such a late adopter!), so the functionalities are quite refined and rich.

The basic way to use the app is that you can create groups of people you are buying for. For each recipients within the group, you can input gift purchases, ideas, stores, photos, budgets and statuses (To Do, Purchased, Wrapped, Shipping, Received, Archives) . But it’s way more than a bullet shopping list. Here are some advanced functionalities that make my life so much easier:

  • Budget feature that helps me view how much I’ve spent by person, group and grand total
  • Assign gifts to stores so that I don’t miss buying anything when I get there–it prevents me making multiple trips
  • Link the recipients to my address book–I don’t need to handtype everything
  • Email gift list so I can share it with my husband
  • Once you are done, there’s a lighted Christmas tree to show that you got everything!
  • You can pull up the archive of Christmas list you made last year, so you can use it as a reference

It’s definitely worth the price of $1.99. Also, I will no longer need to kill trees by printing everything out! Considered that I am planning to use it again next year, the Christmas List app really is a basement bargain price.