Last Minute Food Gifts For Christmas

Yes, it’s officially last minute. If you haven’t completed your Christmas shopping yet, I understand your reason of panicking. I would too. But all hope is not lost, since [...]

Gifts That Give Back

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to show people we love how much we appreciate them. We are grateful for their presence, support and love. But beyond [...]

Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is only 9 days away. If you are not done with your shopping yet, even I feel a little stressed for you. If you think your only choice [...]

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Impress Someone Special with Luxury Gifts

Are you still looking for that luxury gifts that will impress someone special in your life? You know that the typical mall purchase is not going to get you [...]

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Owl Gifts for People Who Love Owls

Previously I wrote about elephant gifts and giraffe gifts, and it just dawned on me that owl gifts are probably the most items. How could one resist such adorable [...]

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Giraffe Gifts for Giraffe Lovers

Yesterday I posted about elephant gifts for elephant lovers, and I started to think about all other animals people love. The first thing that came to mind was giraffe [...]

Elephant Gifts – For People Who Love Elephants

Do you have friends who love elephants? I absolutely love them. A while back I found elephant gifts such as this Baby Elephant Ring Holder, this Dogeared Reminder “Good Luck” [...]

  • Bring Your Old Memories to 2014 - Digitize Your VHS Videos with YesVideo
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    Bring Your Old Memories to 2014 – Digitize VHS Videos with YesVideo

Bring Your Old Memories to 2014 – Digitize VHS Videos with YesVideo

Do you have home video tapes but you no longer have a VHS player? Those videos are precious, as they are your or your family’s history. Perhaps these video [...]

Vegan Accessories and Gifts

I am excited to come across an online store with vegan accessories and gifts as parts of their collection. LuLu’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories are super cute, perfect [...]

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Gift Ideas for Scrapbookers

I love shopping for people with hobbies. They are definitely easier to buy for. You know what makes them happy, and all you have to do it to supply [...]