Lux Divine doesn’t only produce gorgeous Bohemian jewelry; it creates dreamy, modern goddesses out of women. I have never seen such unique, bold, yet earthy and feminine jewelry.

The mastermind behind the electrifyingly beautiful jewelry is Jessica, who now runs Lux Divine with her supportive husband, Ron.

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Jessica’s life-long passions are gems. Since she was a little girl, she knew she wanted to be a jewelry artist. “Dreams and life aspirations were a big theme in my household growing up. My parents are dreamers… So it comes naturally. I knew I always wanted to create art. That was it. I liked making things so my parents pushed my talents by putting me in art classes and dance, etc. so I could express myself. My mom had a whole closet in our house for all my “art” stuff. I think having a family that is so supportive of my goals is really what has helped me grow as an artist.”

Interview with Jessica—Creator of Lux Divine Bohemian Jewelry

Jessica started selling her creations in local fashion shows. She opened Lux Divine in 2010 on Etsy, and gradually turned her passion into a successful business. “When I first opened my Etsy shop, I had no idea what I was doing. Other than listing my creations on Etsy, I don’t believe I did anything special to sell them. It was a rather slow start selling on Etsy for me. It really didn’t get going consistently until I was on Etsy for a year or so. I really think the evolution of my designs as well as my photography has helped grow Lux Divine.”

Interview with Jessica—Creator of Lux Divine Bohemian Jewelry

Running a successful, booming business is not without any challenge. “The most challenging part of running Lux Divine is balancing my personal life with our business. Since we are still based out of our home—not for long though—it becomes difficult to separate the work and home life. They sort of get intertwined on a daily basis. It’s also really difficult juggling raising our 5-year-old son among the craziness of Lux Divine! There’s always a lot going on here… I feel like I live in a zoo!”


When asked about a jewelry artist that she admired, Jessica couldn’t think of anyone that had strong influence on her style. “I actually don’t really have a jewelry idol or anything like that. I have always been slightly a loner and liked to just be in my own little world… That doesn’t leave a lot of time to be looking at other designers’ work. I actually try not to be influenced by others’ work.”

Interview with Jessica—Creator of Lux Divine Bohemian Jewelry

But Jessica does like other handmade artists’ creations though. “I am pretty obsessed with clothing and really admire Run with the Tribe, Crossfox and Purusha People. All handmade artists like me are now good friends of mine! I feel like they are the only people who really understand what my life is like because they do similar business.”

Interview with Jessica—Creator of Lux Divine Bohemian Jewelry

Jessica and Ron have big plans for Lux Divine; however, “I wish I could spill some of our big projects in the works but I can’t. But BIG things are happening!” I can’t wait, and I am sure all her loyal customers are looking forward to it as well.

You can see Lux Divine’s gorgeous Bohemian jewelry at its website or Etsy store.