My mother-in-law just received a Chromebook as gift and she is absolutely ecstatic. She is not a particularly technologically savvy person, as expected for a lady approaching 70 years of age. However, she’s be wanting to get connected, just like others who can get information on the Internet, receive pictures of the family in her emails and watch YouTube videos. She has wholeheartedly embraced her gift smart phone and Kindle (older version with no 3G), but still, she hesitated to commit to getting internet connection at home, primarily because she thought the monthly fee would be expensive.

Finally my husband is bringing her to civilization; he got her a Chromebook and will also be getting her Internet connection as gifts. We are all surprised to find that her Internet connection only costs $20 per month! She probably gets a major discount as a senior citizen.

Chromebook is really a perfect device for her. Some people describe it as an iPad with a keyboard. And the price is absolutely right. While an iPad costs more than $399, a Chromebook starts at less than $200. Moreover, my senior mother-in-law is going to need the bigger screen and the proper keyboard.

While a Chromebook fits her well, it’s not for everyone. It is a mobile device that is specifically designed by Google for web-based tasks. So you will not be able to install software in the local machine, not even Microsoft Words or Photoshop. However, it works with all Google services perfectly–you can use Google Drive for your document and spreadsheet need; use GMAIL for your email need; and use YouTube for your cat-video-watching need. You will save everything you do to the cloud, which is seamless integrated, since there’s not much disk space to speak of on the Chromebook device.

Because the device is simplified, it is extremely light, perhaps it’s just a tad heavier than a tablet. Also, all of the Chromebook uses solid state drive, which means booting up and opening apps are lightening fast. The only constraint is the speed of your Internet access.

For your elderly mother, father, grandma or grandpa who want to get on the Internet, or maybe video chat with their kids or grandkids who live far away, a Chromebook is really perfect.

Here are some Chromebook choices for you.

“I have a Dell Windows laptop that’s has incredible specs; however, I don’t find myself ever using it to its maximum capabilities. So why should I drag around 6.5 lbs with me all day? The Acer C720 is incredibly light and it’s much thinner than it appears in the pictures. The build is very nice for a $199 laptop. It uses a sturdy matte colored plastic which I actually find rather attractive. It doesn’t look toy-like.” –ilya2193


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“It has an 11.6-inch screen with HD output so whatever you watch on your laptop is impressive and dazzling with vivacious colors and an amazing result. The Intel HD graphics are meant to give you a result on the screen that will enhance the experience of watching movies and playing games.” –


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“I bought it for my son 13th birthday and he loves it. He can play games and do so much with it. If he’s not on Xbox he’s on his chrome book . He can’t take his Xbox if we go places but he sure does take his chrome book. He is very happy with it and he uses it alot. Not only for playing games but for learning. It’s awesome.” –0202


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“I got this for my mother because I knew it would be easy to use, but I liked it so much I’m thinking about getting one for myself. The screen isn’t huge, but I don’t care. It’s not too big or too heavy and has everything I need at a very reasonable price.” –JaneInNM


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