Need some great gift ideas for women? Perhaps you are looking for a memorable anniversary gift for your wife, or a creative birthday gift for your girlfriend? Sometimes the most memorable or creative gifts are not tangible. For this occasion, try giving her one of these experience-based gifts that add depth and history to your relationship.

Gift Ideas–Made With Love

Whether you consider yourself talented, you must have something you can offer to her as a service. In fact, women appreciate even more when you do something you are not good at or don’t normally do for anyone. She will also appreciate you spending the time to do it.Gift Ideas--white roses with purple flowers Enchanted Cottage

  • Write her a letter—You might say, “This is bull shit. I don’t do stuff like that.” That’s precisely my point. Think about how surprised she would be when she receives such a gift from her manly man who fixes stuff and has grease under his fingernails. Forgo text messaging or Hallmark cards this time and write with pen and (nice!) paper about what you love about her, what you appreciate about her and the favorite moments you spent with her. I guarantee she will not forgot about this for the rest of her life. You want impact? Here you go.
  • Draw, paint or build something for her—if you are already a natural artist who has authored many masterpieces before, then create something that is typically not your style or particularly challenging. For the rest of us who are not that gifted, you can get one of these paint sets with instructions. She will be blown away by your creation.
  • Cook her a fancy five-course dinner. Even if you are the designated everyday cook at home, she will be impressed by your grand gesture. Don’t know how to cook? Just pick up a special occasion cookbook from Amazon if you don’t have one at home already.
  • Give her an amazing massage—assuming that you don’t already do that everyday (lucky woman!). Do some research on how to give a good serious massage. There are also massage books out there. Hey, you never know, she might also learn a thing or two from the books for your benefit too!
  • Compliment any gift above with a bouquet of flowers. Then you are set.

Gift Ideas–Togetherness

Spending quality time together is a precious gift, so is learning, growing and having fun together. Experiences are what memories are made of. Giving a gift that’s worth remembered is what you are shooting for.Gift Ideas--Roller Derby Women's Aerio Q-80 Inline Skate

  • Do something that either of you have not experienced before, such as ballooning, or helicopter rides. If you are the adventurous type, you can even do something like hang gliding or bungee jumping. The idea here is to get out of your comfort zone together. For our ten-year anniversary, my husband and I went to a shooting range when neither of us shot a gun before. Now we have the paper target full of holes in a frame on our wall. But the activity doesn’t need to be so exciting. Perhaps you can try a session of yoga if that’s new to you.
  • Learn together—Take a cooking, calligraphy, painting, scuba diving, cocktail mixing, beer or wine class together. Community colleges in your area might offer interesting classes like these. Or just do some Googling to see what’s around in your area.
  • Go to concert or sporting event—these days good concerts cost an arm and a leg, but that also means that you might not be going as often as before. Having an evening out with her to a nice dinner and concert is great way to spend time together. Hopefully you two have come common artists or sports team you like.
  • Have a getaway trip—traveling, whether near or far, is always a great gift.
  • Do outdoor activities together such as biking or rollerblading
  • Play hooky in the middle of the week and go to visit the nearby theme park or zoo—remember to take lots of photos so you can look at them later

Gift Ideas–Just For Her Experience

While spending time together is good, you do sometimes need to let her do her own thing. These are some gift ideas that are experienced-based, yet it’s just for her alone.Gift Ideas--Votivo Aromatic Candle

  • A spa certificate where she can spend a day of serious rejuvenation. I don’t know any women who would refuse such a gift.
  • Run her a bubble bath with scented candles and the whole nine yards. Don’t forget that you are supposed to clean the bathroom and make it sparkling clean first! After a relaxing bath, perhaps she want something more! Lucky you!

All these sound too much effort and time-consuming? Great gift ideas for women usually are. If there’s no effort and no thoughts behind the gifts, then it just won’t bring the result you want. Or if you just want to throw money at the problem, just get her an Hermès bag. She would be completely blown away, so would your bank account.

Comments? Any suggestions? Tell us your experience? Do share!