Christmas Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters—Is your lady, friend or family into crafts? Would you like to woo them with an amazing Christmas gifts that are not only thoughtful, but also are useful?

A lot of people lump the gang of crafters into one pot, but the fact is, there are many different kinds of crafts. A knitter usually doesn’t make jewelry; a sewer usually does not decorate cakes; and a scrapbooker usually does not knit. However, they may have a tendency to like other kinds of craft if they are already masters of one. If you are not into any of them, it might sound overly complicated, but really it isn’t. You need to first understand the type of craft she is into, which only takes observation. Or why don’t you just ask her if you don’t know?

This post is specifically about Christmas gifts for knitters and crocheters. Actually, a lot of knitters don’t crochet and vice versa; there’s even rumor that there’s a little rivalry going on between the two!  So it’s wise for you to know one from the other before you purchase any gifts for them. But the good news is that the materials they use are very similar (with differences noted below).

Without further ado, here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for knitters and crocheters:

Needle Case

Namaste Eggplant Purple Circular Knitting Needles Tote Case

Organization is key since there are so many little bells and whistles that a knitter or crocheter needs for her projects. She can easily have three or four dozens needles (knitter) or hooks (crocheter) for various types of creations. Hence, one of the greatest items to have is a needle case. It will allow her to have a proper spot for each piece of equipment sorted in size. Her circular needles will no longer get all tangled together. This Namaste Eggplant Purple Circular Knitting Needles Tote Case is a good one.

Stitch Markers

Lantern Moon Strawberry Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are probably the most common items knitters and crocheters give to each other as gifts. Stitch markers are used to mark important locations on a work in progress. A project could need one or two or 12 markers. These markers could be a simple piece of plastic, or they could be a cute little charm. Many people even hand make them for a nice DIY gift. There are some very cute choices available, such as theseLantern Moon Strawberry Stitch Markers or these addi Knitting Stitch Holders.

Tape Measure

Lantern Moon Sock Monkey Tape MeasureTape measure is an indispensable tool for knitters and crocheters. They are inexpensive and there are plenty of choices. For example, this Lantern Moon Sock Monkey Tape Measure is a joy to use and to have in her tool set.

Yarn Bowl

When one is knitting or crocheting, the ball of yarn usually rolls all over the place, making it very difficult to manage. That’s why someone invented yarn bowl. She can place her ball of yarn in the bowl, and there’s a notch where the strand of yarn will come out. Her ball of yarn can roll freely inside the bowl but it will no longer bother her. This Earthenware Yarn Bowl in Gold and Brown is created by an independent artist who sells them on etsy.

Knit or Crochet Magazine Subscriptions

Interweave KnitsI am a big fan of giving magazine subscriptions as gifts. They are gifts that keep on giving for an entire year. Two particularly good magazines are Interweave Knits and Interweave Crochet. These magazines have patterns for easy projects, as well as more elaborated but lovely and in-style patterns. They are suitable for all levels of knitters and crocheters.

Online Classes

Knit Finishing TechniquesIf she is a beginner and eager to learn more about knitting or crocheting, then an online class or a DVD tutorial would be lovely gift for her. For example, at Annie’s Crafts, you can gift her a class of Knit Finishing Techniques or Tunisian Crochet. She can learn and practice with the videos and printable materials at her own pace.

Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks

Knitter's Pride Symfonie Rose Crochet Hook Set. Single EndedKnitting needles and crochet hooks are also quite popular gifts among these crafters. The truth is that as a long-time knitter or crocheter, she probably has at least one set of all sizes and types, but they still appreciate using ones that are produced by independent artists in exotic woods. It’s like you have water at home, but it would be nice to have coffee, soda or beer to drink too. For example, you can get her a monogrammed set of Symfonie Rose Crochet Hook, where each piece is adorned by a crystal. You could also get her a set of Hand carved wooden Knitting needles made from reclaimed Yew wood.


First and foremost, a knitter can’t knit and a crocheter can’t crochet without yarn. You may say that giving yarn as a gift is high risk; you know nothing about yarn, and you assume that it purely depends on personal taste. But wait! Think about the glory you can have. She would never expect you to pick such an amazing yarn for her. She will be so surprised and jump in joy!

Put your fear aside! It’s really not that scary. Many knitters and crocheters do give yarn as gifts to each other. They may not even know the recipients’ exact taste, but some yarns are just well received by everyone. Here are some tips:

  1. If you are ready to impress, then get a cashmere yarn in a neutral color. I bet you know that cashmere is the king of natural fibers, even if you have no clue about craft! Of course the price is up there to match its prestige.
  2. If you are more ambitious, you can even get qiviut yarn. Qiviut is the ultimate luxury and is as soft as cloud. It is the wool of muskox, and is lighter than cashmere but eight times warmer. Qiviut is the Lamborghini of yarn. No knitter or crocheter would ever say no to such gift.
  3. There are a lot of other characteristics of yarn that can confuse you, but don’t pay too much attention to them. If you get an amazing yarn for her, she will find a project that fits the yarn. That’s how many knitters and crocheters function—when they see the yarn they like, they will buy it even when they don’t have a project in mind yet. That’s why they have “stashes.”
  4. So how many skeins/balls should you get? It really depends how much you can afford. She could knit a small hat with one skein of yarn and a dress with 40 skeins. Usually if you are getting something as nice as cashmere, one or two skeins would be an extravagant gift.
  5. If you do get more than one, get the same yarn—don’t go pick two random colors. Two or more skeins of the same yarn will give her more options in terms of project.

Gift Certificate

Perhaps I sufficiently freaked you out—if you are still not confident about getting her any of the above, then my recommendation is to get a gift certificate from a nice yarn store. If there is a good independent one close by (Google it or Yelp it!), you can get one from there. If there isn’t one close by, then give her one from one of the largest online yarn retailers, WEBS. She will have a wide variety of choices there.

Comments? Any suggestions about these Christmas gifts for knitters and crocheters? Tell us your experience? Do share!