Christmas gifts for hostesses—We all know some women who can throw amazing parties at home. She anticipates and addresses every need of her guests—from the moment you walk into her house to the time you leave! And if you talk to her, that’s exactly what she enjoys—making people feel welcome and at home. For these friends of ours, we’d like to indulge their passion and give them Christmas gifts for hosting, so they can throw even more epic parties, which you will be invited to, of course.

There are so many things that would make great Christmas gifts for hostesses. Anything that is related to décor, serving, appliances, entertainment and food would be cool gifts—hostesses need every one of these to make an awesome party.

Woodland Votive

Aren’t these candleholders beautiful? Everyone loves candlelight, and it can truly transforms every room. Have several in a room and turn the light down, and then suddenly the whole place is transformed. This Woodland Votive will add a final finishing touch and add a romantic ambiance while protecting her furniture.


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Applause Claws Tong

These tongs are just so adorable; they sure would be the big hit of the party. They are perfect for serving cookies, cakes, spaghetti, salad, ice, or anything else where you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty!


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Antique Silver Beaded Small Cake Stand

Woo! This cake stand is truly gorgeous. Don’t you just feel you are in a fairy tale? Look at the antique silver finish and the faux crystal beads! Even if she doesn’t put a cake on it, this piece of gorgeousness will be great décor just sitting on its own. But of course having food on it is even better.


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Linen Hemstitch Table Runner

Make this gift truly hers by putting her initial on it. This runner will dress the table in style. It also comes in 10 different colors so you can pick her favorite.


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Voyage Platter

This large platter features an exotic elephant and palm scene painted in the rich colors. It is versatile, and mixes classic with eclectic. It will make a grand statement in any event!


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Folding Cheese Board Tool Set

Look at this little clever cheese board. When folded, the tools are hidden inside. It features a magnetic closure to keep everything in place. The set includes rubberwood cutting board, stainless steel hard cheese knife, cheese shaver, cheese fork and pointed-tip cheese slicing knife.


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Chrome Cooper Cooler™ Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller

No hostess should live without a wine chiller. Of course she already has a 50-bottle capacity wine cooler at home, but what if a guest brings a bottle of wine? Then this compact yet magical wine chiller will come in handy. It will chill cans in one minute, bottles in three and a half minutes and wine bottles in six minutes at the touch of a button.


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Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

It is absolutely true. Wine poured with an aerator does taste a lot better. This little gadget will make the wine snappier and transform your taste buds. After you use one, you will wonder how you wasted all the wine you had without using this aerator. She will truly appreciate this amazing gift.


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Feather Bottle Opener

Why open a bottle with a regular opener when you can open it with this stylish opener? It’s beautifully designed with gold antique-finished feather handle. It’s one of those things she will still keep reaching for years to come.


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Vintage Silverware Kitchen Towel

This Vintage Silverware Kitchen Towel is full of rich and chic style. This vintage-inspired printed design rests on a natural background featuring iconic dining utensil detail. Get several of them; they make perfect Christmas gifts for hostesses!


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Writeable Wine Glass Tags, 9 Piece

It all happens to us before. We fill our glass with our favorite drink, then 2 minutes later we no longer can find our glass anymore since it looks exactly like the 54 glasses sitting around. Whoever invented glass tags are geniuses. And these cute ones will even allow guests to write whatever they want!


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Bentley’s Classic Holiday 12 Teas of Christmas Collection

Add a bit of holiday spirit with this Christmas tea collection. Every tea drinker will sure get something they like with this selection—Lemon Honey Chamomile Herbal, Holiday Spice, Peppermint Cane, Gingerbread Spice Teas and 8 more!


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Kona Hawaiian Coffee Gifts

Of course tea alone is not enough. Your hostess friend sure would already have an amazing coffee machine that is waiting to be used. That’s why you also should consider giving her this coffee gift set, so that she is well covered!


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Comments? Any suggestions about these Christmas gifts for hostesses? Tell us your experience? Do share!