Christmas Gift From Daughter to Mother—I like to give myself plenty of time to plan for a Christmas gift for my mother.  Because I know myself well—if I don’t plan ahead, I would just get whatever I see from the mall out of last-minute stress. I know that the sooner I start to think about her Christmas gift, the more thoughtful and meaningful it will be.

I want to tell my mom how much I love and appreciate her and everything she’s done for me throughout the year. I created a list of items that would be great Christmas gifts from daughter to mother this year. Perhaps you will find this list inspirational to you too.

Willow Tree Close to Me

I love love love this figurine from Willow Tree. It is aptly named “Close to Me,” expressing that no matter where she is and how old I am, she is also close to me in my heart. This high-quality sculpture conveys the sentiment as a daughter to her mother.



Mothers & Daughters Silver Metal Frame

About 10 years ago, I gave my mom a picture of us in a rhinestone frame. She loved it. In fact, it is a fixture on her bedside table, so she can see me everyday. I think it would be nice to give her an updated picture in this Mothers & Daughters Silver Metal Frame.



Rose Gold Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Pearl earrings are so classic and timeless. It instantly makes women look elegant. I particularly love this pair of pearl earrings with rose gold and tiny diamonds surrounding them.  What I like about them is that they are fancy enough to be worn to evening events like a dinner party, yet they are also very appropriate for everyday wear. The versatility makes them great gifts for your mom.



Spa Certificate

With the daily hustle and bustle, even the best of us needs to take a break and relax. This is probably even more important as the holiday is approaching. A gift of a relaxing spa day is a perfect gift. Instead of directly giving mom a massage at a place you pick, I found it more versatile to let her pick. This Spafinder will do that trick since they have 20,000 locations worldwide. Mom can choose to have her massage right now in her neighborhood, or combine it with a trip that she is going to take soon. She can choose to have massage, facial, aromatherapy, pedicure, manicure or even Botox if she likes!

$25 – $1,000


Kindle Fire HD Tablet

If your mom is a book lover yet still doesn’t have a tablet, I recommend that you get a Kindle Fire HD tablet for her. I find that it provides greater value than the iPad—it does everything the iPad can do at a fraction of the cost. Not she can read books and magazines on it, but she can also watch movies and surf the web. It is also extremely easy to use—even if your mom is a technophobe, she would find it simple with minimal learning curve.



Enesco Mom’s Coffee Mug

Does your mom enjoy her morning coffee and have a great sense of humor? Then this coffee mug is perfect for her. It says “Mum’s Mug—A Gift From Your Favorite Child” on one side, and “I Love You Mum—and Sorry Your Other Kids Aren’t As Awesome As Me.” It will give her a smile when she uses it every morning.



Cruise Experience

Give your mom an amazing cruise ship experience choosing from many different locations around the world—Alaska, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Bahamas, Mediterranean, Australia, Africa and even Antarctica. You can give her a trip based on your budget, or get your siblings to chip in to make a grand trip for mom together!

From $189


Family Portrait in Pop Art

Give your mom a jazzed up family portrait by turning a regular photo into pop art. You can choose from many different styles like Warhol, Cubism pop, comic pop art, super hero, graffiti and many more styles!

From $93


Mom Crystal Necklace

Your mom is going to love this Australian crystal necklace. From afar, it looks like a regular necklace with a circle pendent, but up-close, the pendent actually spells out MOM. It also comes with a little poem that says, “A mother’s love is forever, a precious gift to treasure, warmth on which you can depend, like this sparkling circle, it has no end.” Very fitting for a loving mother.



Comments? Any suggestions about Christmas gift from daughter to mother? Tell us your experience? Do share!