Do you have home video tapes but you no longer have a VHS player? Those videos are precious, as they are your or your family’s history. Perhaps these video tapes recorded your first ski trip with the family, your birthday party when you turned 8, or your mom and dad’s wedding. These priceless memories should not fade with the fading VHS video tapes.

I just discovered a service called YesVideo. They will help you to bring your old memories into the world of 2014. Besides digitizing VHS videos, they also convert films. In additions, they partner with other retailers that could scan your printed photos. In other words, you can turn your entire box of these memories into a format that you can use in your computer. From then on, you can use their storage and tools to create DVDs and special feature online videos.

Bring Your Old Memories to 2014 - Digitize Your VHS Videos with YesVideo

These are the formats they will convert for you:

Video Tape Transfer

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Hi8, Digital, 8 mm
  • Mini DV

Film Transfer

  • 8 mm
  • Super 8
  • 16 mm

The process is quite simple:

Bring Your Old Memories to 2014 - Digitize Your VHS Videos with YesVideo

  1. Place your order online
  2. Ship your videos – you could use a box that they provide or use your own box and mailing service
  3. Fifteen business days later the content of your videos will be online and you can choose to watch, edit and share them
  4. Optionally, choose and edit the scenes you want into your own masterpiece and burn it into DVDs

The price is quite reasonable – currently its $13 per video transfer. Film transfer is priced by length.

Don’t you think that this service would be great to create an amazing gift for your mom and dad, or grandma or grandpa? Imagine they can watch the DVDs or online videos while reminiscing the great old days. The whole family can gather together after Christmas dinner and watch it together.