Traditionally, cotton is the gift of choice for a second wedding anniversary in the US. Interestingly, in the UK, cotton is the first year wedding anniversary gift, so the two countries have the gift suggestion of first and second year flip-flopped. The Chicago Public Library also helpfully establish another second anniversary gift suggestion–china. So with cotton and china as options, your selections of gift greatly increased.

I searched high and low for some awesome second anniversary gift ideas for you to celebrate your momentous event.

Classic Photo Throw

Snuggle up with great memories. Choose a favorite photo to be woven it into a warm throw. It’s the perfect way to commemorate second year anniversary memory captured by photography. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift she’ll love forever.


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Lenox Butterfly Meadow Tableware Set

Nowadays not everyone buys or receives a set of china when they get married, so why not take this second year anniversary opportunity to get a gorgeous set that both of you will treasure forever?


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Willow Tree Promise

I love all Willow Tree sculptures. They are intimate, quiet yet filled with emotion. Let the love of your life know that you hold dear the promise of love.


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Extraordinary Garden Leaf Vase

What a gorgeous vase for your sweetheart. This statement vase has sculptural finishings of vines, flowers and leaves. Franz Collection makes all of its artisanal ceramics by hand at its eco-friendly studio in Jingdezhen, China—a city that has been producing quality ceramics for over 1700 years. Don’t forget to fill it with flowers.


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Hand-Stitched Paris Grid Quilt

To walk the boulevards of Paris is to be steeped in romance—and what better way to translate that into the home than with a quilt that traces the street plan of this fairy-tale geography. Hand-stitched by Haptic Lab’s fair labor partners in India, each takes hundreds of hours to produce. Other cities are also available: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Great Lakes, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia.


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The Procession Scarf

This cotton and silk scarf will add colors and whimsy to her daily, putting a spring to her steps. The continuous, no repeat image of these upright, animals in clothing is a parade of unusual delight for your love.


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Tai Rose Gold Swarovski Crystal Aum Symbol on Cotton Cord Bracelet

This understated bracelet with hand-braided cotton and a dash of Swarovski crystal sparkle will be be her everyday jewelry of choice.


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Unisex Waffle Robe

Get her this decadently comfortable 100% organic cotton bathrobe. While you are at it, get one for yourself, so that both of you can enjoy moments of relax comfort after an amazing bath.


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Ojia Cotton Linen Decorative Pillow Cover--Love

Such adorable pillows to commemorate your second wedding anniversary. They are not only stylish for your home, but also cuddly comfortable.


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Canvas & Leather Dillon Totepack

This handsome two-tone convertible bag would look smart on a woman or man. Even smarter, it can be worn on the back as a knapsack or on the shoulder as a tote. Who said a wedding anniversary gift cannot be practical and stylish?


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Cotton Bobby Duffel

This elegant duffel merges utilitarian function and refined style. How about combining this gift with a romantic weekend trip?


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Jessica Simpson Lace Dress with Feather Hem

Give her this gorgeous sexy little black dress and take her out to a romantic dinner and of course to dance.


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Comments? What do you think about these second year anniversary gifts? Tell us your experience? Do share!