We all have those people in our lives. Their garden looks like the cover of Home and Garden magazine. They throw a seed in their garden and suddenly things grow uncontrollably. They spend exorbitant amount of time in their garden because they just love it so much. Some of these great friends also share their nuclear-mutant size produce with you. Don’t you love it?

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you know that you have to give them something they love; something that can remind them the joy of flowers and gardens.

Here are some ideas of Christmas gifts for that green-thumb friend in your life:

1. Solar power decorative lights

Outdoor decorative lights are just so romantic. Look at these Glass Mason Jar Solar String Lights! They would add so much charm to her garden. Don’t you just want to hold hands with your love and whisper sweet nothing in her ear under these lights? They are solar powered, which means no need to run electricity to the yard.

2. Desktop plant lightMr. Light Desk Top Plant Light with Built-In Tray

You have to understand the mindset of a plant lover. They want to grow plants everywhere; not just in the yard, but also in their living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen…you get the idea. But her office’s dull and lifeless light is the graveyard for plants (not to mention a graveyard for human spirit and dignity). But you can change that situation. Give her this full-spectrum desktop grow light where she can grow a small plant that brightens her day, even if she sits inside a dungeon.

3. Plant labelsMile Nine Vegetable Garden Plant Markers / Set of 10 Engraved Wood Labels

Plant labels are not just practical—she could grow so much in the yard that she can forget what is what—but they are also decorative. These solid oak hardwood labels are definitely pretty and add an organic look to her garden, with names of vegetables already engraved in a beautiful font. And then these rustproof stainless steel ones add an antique English garden charm—they are reusable and she can write on the label herself.

4. Garden glovesMagid TE266T-M Terra Collection Premium Goatskin Leather Gloves - Womens Medium

The fact that she loves gardening doesn’t mean she loves having rough hands. She just can’t battle weeds, rose thorns and spiky cactus without having some tough garden gloves protecting her hands. These washable pretty garden gloves also have matching kneeling pad. Get both so she can guard her hands, knees and back.

5. Bird feedersPerky-Pet 312C Panorama Bird Feeder, Copper

You can’t have a garden without pretty birds. That is an unwritten rule. Help her attract these little guys with an awesome bird feeder. And she will receive pure enjoyment and relaxation watching wild bird feeding. But remember, it’s important to find ones that are squirrel-proof, so that the food goes to the intended recipients.

You can also give her this hummingbird feeder with sea green antique bottle design and brush silver accent. Who wouldn’t like hummingbirds in their gardens?

6. Rain chainRain Chain - Decorative Lily Shaped Copper Cups

Yes, a rain chain can be a beautiful gift. Little accent like this transforms an ordinary, boring and practical tool into an artistic addition. If her house already has a downspout, you can give her this beautiful, yet still very practical splash block to keep her foundation solid and keep mulch from being washed away after a rain.

7. Garden ornamentsAncient Graffiti Flamed Copper Hummingbird Garden Ornament

Flowers are not always in bloom—in the depth of winter plants go dormant. But that doesn’t mean she needs to stop enjoying her garden. With these copper garden ornaments, she can still enjoy the artistic renditions of birds and insects along side with a pile of snow. You can get a hummingbird, dragonfly, cardinal and more. If she’s into the Haitian art look, this lizard would be awesome for her.

8. Watering canAchla Designs WC-06 Dainty Copper Watering Can

To spice up the simple task of watering plants, give her this sophisticated looking copper watering can. Even if she doesn’t use it for watering, it would be a stylish addition to her décor.


What is a garden without an awesome wind chime? Nothing! Look at this whimsical yet wise wind chime that brings charming accent on the porch or patio as well as adding lovely sound and Victorian-inspired style to her place.

10. Garden GnomeScarface Garden Gnome

You aren’t thinking this list would end without the mention of a gnome, are you? Those little creatures seem pretty scary, but really pretty cute as well. But be careful though, gnomes do get “liberated” and travel around the world, so she’ll have to guard hers carefully. This Scarface Garden Gnome is one of the funniest ones I’ve seen. Give her that if she has a sense of humor, or if she really likes Al Pacino.

Comments? Any suggestions? Tell us your experience? Do share!